I Tested Beyonce’s New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

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When I decided to transition to my natural hair almost 10 years ago, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Like many Black women, I had no idea what kind of natural hair I had—shoutout to all the 3c girlies!—nor which products best suited my hair type. This was 2014, and there was a huge surge in Black women embracing their natural hair without chemicals; many Black women posted their “wash day routines” on YouTube and tested different products for their hair types, which inspired me to do the same. I was in college at the time, and my funds didn’t allow for much experimentation, but when I finally started making more money, I began indulging in better-quality products that were suited for my hair. Having and maintaining natural hair is not easy, but it was worth it once I understood more about my curl type.

One of my favorite hobbies is trying new products and ingredients that my hair type can benefit from. So, when Beyoncé announced her launch into the beauty world with her hair care line, Cécred, I set out to see what they could do for my hair.

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About My Hair

I have low-porosity, 3c hair. It’s quite hard for my hair to maintain moisture, but I’ve slowly figured out which products and ingredients work best for it. When I first went natural, I relied on protective hairstyles like braids and wigs. Now that I know more about my hair, my go-to styles are wash-and-go, two-strand twists, and Bantu knots. My everyday, go-to style is a wash-and-go, where I will use a co-wash, followed by a deep conditioner, and style it with Eco-Styler gel or curl butter. If I do two-strand twists or Bantu knots, I will use a hydrating shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner, then seal my twists with olive oil or curling butter.

About Cécred Beauty

According to their website, Cécred began by “prioritizing the needs of textured hair [that] lacks moisture and strength.” Their products are designed for all hair types, ranging from hydrating and clarifying shampoo to moisturizing deep conditioner, reconstructing mask, fermented rice rinse, sealing lotion, and moisturizing hair oil.

According to Allure, Beyoncé and her mom, Tina Knowles, spent six years working to bring the brand to life. The result is intended to be haircare that can keep hair healthy, no matter what you put it through.

Clarifying Shampoo & Salt Scrub

The Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub combines a balance of exfoliants, fermented purple willow bark, and tea tree oil to remove buildup and residue from your hair and scalp for a deep clean. Fermented purple willow bark is known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that soothe the scalp, prevent irritation, and can also help regenerate hair follicles and promote hair growth. I’m always looking for a good shampoo that will give my scalp a deep clean, and it was the perfect time to test it since I had just removed braids from my hair.

My first impression of Cécred’s products was that they look and feel extremely luxe. The packaging is absolutely stunning, and it almost feels like decor in your shower. In terms of the actual product, upon first application, I felt I had to wash and rinse my hair twice to get it squeaky clean, but after using it, my hair felt lightweight and deeply cleansed. Since the product is meant for a deep clean, I’ve been using it once a week to avoid drying out my hair (which could happen if used too frequently).

I’ll keep using this product in my routine, but mainly when taking out a protective style (braids, sew-ins, etc.) or after a hot day or workout that consisted of a lot of sweating.

I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Cécred Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub

I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Source: Cécred Beauty

Hydrating Shampoo

Cécred’s hydrating shampoo is meant for a gentle cleanse and features an antioxidant-rich African oil blend, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and moisturizing Phyto-Collagen Complex. It also is formulated without silicones, phthalates, or parabens.

In between using the clarifying shampoo for a deep clean once a week, I’ve been washing my hair with the hydrating shampoo two to three times a week. My first impression was that the smell is amazing; it has a light, fresh scent that feels luxurious. It also has a thicker consistency than most shampoos I have used. After my first use, I didn’t notice a visible difference in my hair, but around my third use, I felt my hair was much softer and more manageable than usual. Some shampoos cause it to feel dry and brittle, but this one definitely does not strip my hair of its natural moisture.

Finding a shampoo that leaves my hair feeling both clean and hydrated can be difficult for my natural hair, but this one managed to strike the balance extremely well. It left my hair feeling both well-cleansed and healthy, which is a win in my book.

I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Cécred Hydrating Shampoo

Reconstructing Mask

Infused with Cécred’s patent-pending Bioactive Keratin Ferment, this treatment mask is clinically tested to reduce hair damage, increase hair strength, and improve shine. It is not a deep conditioner; it’s meant to be used between shampooing and conditioning when your hair is in need of damage repair. If you have hair damage from coloring, chemical treatments, or heat styling, this product is for you.

I followed the instructions and used this between the hydrating shampoo and moisturizing deep conditioner and immediately noticed that my hair had more slip and felt softer. Using it followed by a deep conditioner softened my hair and sealed in the moisture, but since my hair isn’t particularly damaged, I didn’t feel I noticed a huge difference from using this product. However, if you’re someone who does have damage, I think this product is definitely worth a try for you.

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I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Cécred Reconstructing Treatment Mask

Fermented Rice & Protein Ritual

Cécred’s rice and protein ritual delivers the strengthening and length-retention benefits of rice water, minus the labor of making it yourself. This ritual has two steps: a finely milled powder to be combined with water and used as a hair rinse, and a silk rinse infused with African oils to add softness and shine to strands. It’s meant to be used once every four to six weeks.

I’ve never used fermented rice or protein treatments in my hair, so I didn’t know how it’d work when testing this product. I followed the instructions and mixed the powder with water, then left it on my hair for five minutes. Immediately following, my hair was dry, which was to be expected as protein treatments can make hair feel a bit stiff. However, after following with the silk rinse, my hair’s moisture returned, and my curls were left with much more elasticity—plus, they felt stronger and softer. I will definitely continue to use this product before getting a protective style or silk press.

I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Cécred Fermented Rice & Protein Ritual

Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Cécred’s moisturizing deep conditioner contains 12 different moisturizing butters and oils to improve hair’s softness, moisture, and manageability. Off the bat, the texture of it is extremely thick and shares the hydrating shampoo’s fresh scent.

Because of its thickness, I applied the moisturizing deep conditioner after wetting my hair so the product could seep into my strands rather than sitting on top of them. Despite being a thick product, I was surprised that after letting it sit in my hair and rinsing it out, my first thought was that my curls didn’t feel weighed down. I also used it to detangle and found it had great slip and absorbed into my hair (all my low-porosity girls get it). After letting my hair air dry (and not using any other product), I combed my curls out, and the results were *chef’s kiss*. It left my hair feeling softer than usual, in addition to giving it great definition. It was easier for me to comb through my hair and pull it back into a bun, and my strands felt hydrated but light and airy rather than heavy. Being able to comb through my dry, natural hair is a win for me, so this has quickly become my go-to deep conditioner. I’ve implemented it into my weekly wash-and-go, and it leaves my curls with great definition and gives me the moisture I need every single time.

I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Cécred Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Source: Cécred Beauty

Moisture Sealing Lotion

The moisture sealing lotion is meant to be a multitasking product to seal, smooth, and style hair with a light hold. With a Phyto-Seal complex and African oil blend, it locks in moisture, seals split ends, fights frizz, and aids styling for more enhanced curls that are smooth and shiny. It can be used on all hair types but is especially effective for those who want to tame frizz in their curls. You can either apply it to towel-dried, damp hair or apply it to dry hair before styling.

I’ve used the moisture sealing lotion a couple of ways: before my wash-and-go or before doing two-stand twists. It felt smooth and buttery when I combed it through my hair (though it didn’t absorb as much as I’d like), but I found that I preferred using it when doing two-strand twists because it gave my curls extra bounce. When using it before my wash-and-go, I felt it sat on top of my hair a bit, but that being said, it definitely gave my curls extra bounce when I let it absorb into them during two-strand twists. A little of this product goes a very long way, and it’s extremely moisturizing.

I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Cécred Moisture Sealing Lotion

Nourishing Hair Oil

Cécred’s hair oil is infused with 13 oils—including sea buckthorn, flaxseed, golden jojoba, argan, and coconut—to reinforce your hair’s lipid barrier and seal in moisture, ensuring hair stays hydrated and nourished for longer. It’s meant to leave hair feeling soft and flexible with a natural shine that isn’t weighed down by any silicones.

I applied the hair oil after washing and conditioning, and of all the oils I’ve tried, this one is definitely one of the most lightweight. The packaging is super user-friendly, as it allows a tiny bit to come out at a time so you don’t overdo it. I didn’t feel that this oil did a lot for my hair when I did a wash-and-go and two-strand twists, but I loved it when doing slicked-back styles. It added extra slip and made it easier to detangle my hair when I combed it back and gave it an extra boost of shine. However, because of the $44 price tag, I don’t know if this would be a repurchase for me.

I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Cécred Nourishing Hair Oil

Is Cécred Beauty Worth It?

I Tested Beyonce's New Haircare Line—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

If I had to give Cécred as a whole a ranking out of 10, I would give it a 7. I was so impressed by how the products’ scents and packaging made them feel like a luxe experience, and I appreciated that they were free of parabens and sulfates (which can strip hair of their natural moisture). My favorite product was by far the deep conditioner, given how moisturized it left my hair without weighing it down. I’ll also continue using the clarifying shampoo when I need a deep clean. Since I’m not someone who struggles with hair damage, I didn’t see much difference after using the fermented rice and protein ritual or reconstructing mask, but I would definitely give it a shot if I were trying to repair my curls. The only downside to me was the price point, which is a bit higher than many brands I’ve tried in the past; that said, the product’s packaging is extremely beautiful and feels luxurious, which does set it apart.

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