PSA: This New Top Coat Gives You a Chrome Manicure At Home

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The jokes about nail colors and beauty products named after foods are, at this point, a moot point. As a society, we acknowledged that yes, it is annoying to name each new trending nail shade after a type of food, but no, we are not going to stop doing it. Such is the case with the latest trending color, found on Alix Earle’s TikTok: cotton candy chrome nails. The best part? You can get her exact manciure at home.

I won’t lie, this is the most compelling version of the chrome nail look that I’ve seen yet. This nail color makes me want to trill “That’s that me espresso” while clutching an Aperol spritz on a patio. It makes me want to go out on a warm summer night and flirt with as many strangers as possible in the name of instigating a fling. It makes me want to actually purchase cotton candy and stroll along a body of water in the sunshine. Suffice it to say, cotton candy chrome is going to be the nail shade of summer 2024.

This trending manicure can (and should) be easily DIY’ed. Alix Earle got the look by using two shades of essie polish, meaning you can get this look on your own for under $13. In this economy, that’s a huge win. Below, we’re breaking down exactly how to get Alix Earle’s cotton candy chrome nails.

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PSA: This New Top Coat Gives You a Chrome Manicure At Home

Source: @alixearle

How to Get Cotton Candy Chrome Nails

In her TikTok launching the name “cotton candy chrome nails” into the internet stratosphere, Alix used two coats of essie’s “mademoiselle” shade plus one layer of the brand’s new “cosmic chrome” topcoat. Remember when you used to have to invest in a messy powder to get a chrome nail look on your own? Essie addressed that problem with the special effects chrome shade that Alix used in her video. The chrome looks even better than a powder. The final effect is an adorable ballet pink with an added shimmer that is perfect for summer. Need the cotton candy chrome look ASAP? Check out essie’s shades below.

PSA: This New Top Coat Gives You a Chrome Manicure At Home

essie Mademoiselle Nail Polish

You know it, you love it, you’ve worn it on your nails more times than you can count: It’s that perfect your-nails-but-better pink shade.

PSA: This New Top Coat Gives You a Chrome Manicure At Home

essie Cosmic Chome Top Coat

Essie’s special effects shades are designed to take any manicure to another dimension. This sheer silver satin chrome effect will elevate any at-home mani.

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